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Carpet Repair

Have a stain that won't come off?

The cat ruined your carpet?

Your carpet got burned?

Whatever the problem is we can fix it.


With the price of carpet these days, we all want to make sure that the carpet in our homes lasts. That's why one of the most disheartening things that can happen is to get a stain or a burn on your carpet. However, just because your carpet has had an accident doesn't mean you need to replace it. You may be able to patch the damaged section.

 We have the proper tools and training to often prevent the replacement of an entire floor
by intricately repairing the damaged area. We remove the damaged area and replace it with a piece of remnant carpet or carpet taken from an inconspicuous area such as a closet. This produces a near flawless repair with durability. 

Damaged areas might include: Stains, Burns, Bleach Spots, Worn Areas, Pet Damage, Water Damage, Wax Spills, Spots, Rips and Snags. You name it! We can repair your carpet and save you money. We also know that when carpet is replaced and thrown away it sits in the landfills and this effects our environment. By repairing your carpet you not only save money but also help the environment.


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