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Odor Elimination


effectively eliminate offensive odors.  A negative ion generator works very well in both cleaning the allergens and bacteri

Nothing can be worse than lingering odors in the home.  Whether it is from cooking, pets, or mildew and mold in the home, the smell can be very offensive to both you and your guests.  Removing lingering odors from the home can be a daunting task. but many easy steps can be taken to insure that embarrassing odors are eliminated.


Many products abound on the market for killing odors in the home.  There are sprays, plug-ins, and even candles that can be burnt in the living area that help relieve those offensive smells. What do these products do in eliminating odor? Actually, very little.  What the lion's share of these products do is simply mask the offensive odor, and work to cover up the smell. Sometimes, simple cleaning that is o rdinarily not carried out goes a long way in eliminating odors in the home. 

Homeowners, though, should be aware of other possibilities that

a from the air, and eliminating odors. Negative ion generators are approved by the FDA for removing allergens, and have been tested by Good Housekeeping Magazine.  A test by the US Department of Agriculture revealed that ionization led to 52 percent less dust and 95 percent less bacteria in the air.  Because pollutants are borne on dust particles in the air, it is easy to see how effective a negative ion generator is in eliminating odor.

Studies have also shown ozone is a very effective cleaner of the air as well as cleaning your Duct "Air Duct Cleaning". Ozone in nature is a powerful cleanser, and you will notice the fresh scent of ozone after a particularly close lightning strike during a thunderstorm.  You should be aware, though, that there is controversy over using ozone generators as an odor eliminator in the home.