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A/C Line Cleaning

One of the most common reasons an air conditioning service technician is called is that the condensate drain line has clogged. In most cases this is a huge waste of money. The fix is often simple and there are not any special tools required. To make this type of service call worse, a backed-up condensate drain line is an avoidable problem. Simple maintenance twice a year will keep even the most used air conditioning condensate drain lines from getting a clog.

Over time sludge forms in an air conditioners drain line. This happens because the normal current from condensate is not enough to flush the line. Tiny particles form on the bottoms of the long horizontal parts of the drain line. Once in a while one will break free and travel to a restriction, where it will settle. Once enough particles collect in one spot a clog is created. Then the water will back up into the air conditioning drain pan. After the pan is full water will overflow into the house. This is when most homeowners notice the problem.


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