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Rug Cleaning

Steam cleaning a rug is an efficient way to remove dirt, embedded debris and unsightly spots. The name itself, however, is somewhat of a misnomer. Many professionals refer to "steam cleaning" by the more accurate, hot-water extraction (HWE).
A basic steam-cleaning machine consists of a water-based cleaning solution pumped through a thin hose to a spray nozzle that directs the solution onto a carpet or rug. The mixture reacts quickly, dislodging soil from the carpet fibers. The water and dirt are vacuumed away a brief moment later.

Carpet fibers trap dust and allergens deep down. Normal vacuum cleaners are good for daily use, but they don't remove deep stains that build up with normal wear and tear. Steam clean an oriental rug one to two times per year to remove the deepest grime. Steam-clean oriental rugs in the same manner as other carpets, but be aware that a few additional steps are necessary because of the rugs' density.

Rugs come in a wide variety of fabrics and fibers to add beauty and style to your interiors. They also perform protective functions. When placed in entryways, a rug prevents the introduction of dirt and grime into your home. A rug strategically placed over other floor coverings in high traffic areas prevents the signs of premature wear and tear.


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